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 “Ms. Kate Sullivan epitomizes what all massage therapists aspire to be.  Her schooling has produced a knowledgeable, caring professional. In my 30 years of receiving massage therapy throughout the country, few have reached her level of results and expertise.  Kate’s massage therapy brings recovery and relaxation, from where once pain and discomfort existed.”   ~Natalia., Retired~

"I needed Kate’s help to make my body function properly.  I was involved in a car vs bike accident – in which I was hit, dragged then run over.  I had the car on me for 20 minutes before the fire department removed it.  From the accident, I was extremely out of alignment, in pain and had a body that could not move.

Kate listened, asked questions about what happen and worked with me on a plan of care.  At first, I was very uncomfortable having anyone touch my body because of the pain I was feeling.  Kate was very gentle, worked with my fear as well as what my body could handle.  I was able, after the first appointment, to leave with my shoulders and arms in a better position and less pain.

While Kate was aiding me in my recovery, she was professional, punctual, caring, aware and interactive.  My body would still be hurting if it had not been for Kate.  The physical therapy I was receiving was only dealing with strengthening my muscles, not relaxing and realigning my muscles so they would work properly.

Kate has a wealth of knowledge and is the best massage therapist I know.  She is an extremely gifted individual and applies her skills to give comfort and heal.  I will not be able to say Thank You enough for what she has done in giving me my body back.  I highly recommend Kate. " ~Ruth L., Admin, Student, Athlete ~

"Kate's massages are beyond compare. I have been to numerous massage therapists with mediocre results. Kate has a unique sense in finding the source of your pain and providing long lasting relief. She never ceases to amaze me. I have chronic pain and muscle tension from years of computer use. Her massages allow me to continue working pain free. I have referred several friends to her and they rave about how she is able to zone in on what hurts and relieve their pain. Kate, thank you for making my body feel good again!" ~ Susan D. ~

"I allowed Kate into my sphere again yesterday.  Her adeptness, intuition and understanding of the workings of the body result in an amalgamation of modalities that suit me.  It had been over 6 weeks since my last massage due to an abdominal surgery for hysterectomy.  Her gentle touch juxtaposed with her deep tissue massage brought me back into focus with the knowledge of what I need to do to bring my body back in line.  She always takes time to concentrate on the parts of me that I use and at times abuse in my clay and fabric work.... pushing around large amounts of clay, and leaning over tables using both large and small motor skills." ~Peggy S., Artist Extraordinaire ~

"Kate has a 'magic' touch and a holistic approach to the art of massage.  Her massages are healing and she invariably identifies the trouble areas which need special attention. She gives serious consideration to my concerns; often providing me with a series of exercises I can do at home to relieve pain and stretch muscles that get tight.  The atmosphere is soothing, her choice of music is always an instant stress releaser.  My sessions with Kate are priceless and I would highly recommend her anyone who wishes a truly healing experience."  ~ Nancy H., Grandmother of 4 active boys!~

"Kate fixes problems!!!  Whatever your problem, be it neck, shoulder, leg pain or numbness or even just tension Kate will find the problem and make it better. Kate will do it fast too. Kate has worked on me over the years and fixed whatever problem I bring her. Kate has the ability to feel what muscles are the real issue and then Kate has the knowledge to both fix the problem and identify what issues are causing the problem. Kate will give you relief and then exercises, stretches, or whatever else that you can do to not have the issues again. Kate has worked on everything from tension up to major back problems that the doctor wanted to operate on and I have always gotten my problem solved within a few sessions." ~Jim B., Active Retiree~

                                  1919 21st Street, Suite 203, Sacramento, CA 95811