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The individuals Kate serves and their massage goals are diverse. Clients experience immediate results foreverything from reducing stress and anxiety to speeding their recovery from injuries or managing chronic pain syndromes.

Kate is passionate about providing therapeutic  treatment massage to address your  tension, aches andpains so you can move through your day with increased ease and comfort, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Treatment Philosophy

Focusing on the client means listening carefully to your specific needs, designing a personalized treatment plan for you, and then paying attention to your comfort throughout the massage.

Good information means being happy to answer questions and providing information that is easy to understand, in plain language, so that you are best equipped to make informed decisions regarding your health and well being.

Would you like to reduce or eliminate the pain you are experiencing?

Pain and restrictions, whether from sudden injury, over use or chronic patterns just seem to drain away our sense of well-being. Each session we discuss your experiences, progress and identify the sources which are creating your pain to design your massage treatment plan. When pain is addressed at the source, the healing is faster and more complete.

Kate is experienced with creating effective relief for people living with chronic conditions or pain patterns due to overuse/strain.  Some of the conditions Kate treats regularly:

low back pain

chronic tension & anxiety

sciatica (pseudo-sciatica)


piriformis syndrome

carpel tunnel syndrome (wrist & hand pain)


neck, arm & shoulder restrictions with associated pain & numbness
(thoracic outlet)



injuries; new and old

Kate also enjoys working with pre & post event athletes along with pre & post surgery clients.  She is located in Sacramento, CA.

                                  1919 21st Street, Suite 203, Sacramento, CA 95811